Around Tattoo Ideas

The keyword "around" can have different interpretations in the context of tattoos. One possible interpretation is that "around" can symbolize the concept of unity and connectivity. It represents the idea of things coming together and encircling or surrounding something or someone. This can be depicted through tattoo designs that feature circular or curved elements, such as a mandala or a compass. Another interpretation is that "around" can represent the notion of protection and safeguarding. It can symbolize creating a barrier or boundary around oneself or loved ones to ward off negativity or harm. Tattoo designs featuring protective symbols like a circle of thorns or a shield can convey this meaning. Additionally, the term "around" can signify embracing change and adaptability. It represents the concept of moving forward and navigating through life's twists and turns. Tattoo designs incorporating symbols like arrows, a compass rose, or a Celtic knot can convey this idea. Lastly, "around" can also symbolize the concept of freedom and exploration. It represents the idea of venturing into the unknown and experiencing new places and cultures. Tattoo designs featuring symbols like a world map or a compass can capture this interpretation. Below you will find a collection of around tattoo design ideas for you to browse and get inspired by.

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