Filipino Tattoo Ideas

Filipino tattoos can have various meanings depending on the specific design and cultural context. Traditional Filipino tattoos known as "batok" are often a symbol of protection and warding off evil spirits. They can also represent bravery and courage, as well as a connection to one's heritage and cultural identity. Some Filipino tattoos may depict symbols from indigenous animistic beliefs, such as the "pintados" tattoos, which were used to indicate social status and achievements. Another popular Filipino tattoo design is the "kalinga," which is a traditional hand-tapped tattoo from the Kalinga tribe and signifies a rite of passage or accomplishment. Suitable locations for Filipino tattoos may include the chest or back, as these areas often hold significant cultural and familial symbolism, or the forearm, representing strength and heritage. Below you will find a collection of filipino tattoo design ideas for you to browse and get inspired by.

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