Neo Tattoo Ideas

Neo, derived from the Greek word "neos," means new or renewed. In tattooing, the keyword "neo" is often associated with the style known as "neo traditional." Neo traditional tattoos are a contemporary spin on the traditional tattoo style, combining the boldness and iconic imagery of traditional tattoos with more intricate detail, vibrant color palettes, and artistic elements from other tattoo styles like realism or illustrative tattoos. The neo traditional style often includes imagery such as animals, flowers, skulls, or portraits, and can be used to represent personal beliefs, interests, or a modern take on classic tattoo designs. Other possible interpretations of the keyword "neo" might include the abbreviation for "Neopolitan" (e.g., Neopolitan ice cream) or references to "The Matrix" character Neo. Below you will find a collection of neo tattoo design ideas for you to browse and get inspired by.

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